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Meet Prophetess Robyn The Midwife

Visionary of His R.H.E.M.A Ministries


Best selling author, Certified Master Life Coach, International Speaker, Empowerment Teacher, Thought Leader, and Movement Storyteller

Believe in Your Future to 

Outlive Your Past.

Robyn Robbins

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Robyn Robbins is a Prophet in the Kingdom, Thought Leader, Certified Master Coach, Empowerment Teacher, and Movement Storyteller affectionately referred to as The Midwife due to her unmatched ability to partner with others and empower them to give birth and produce. She is a serial entrepreneur and the steward owner of R.H.E.M.A. which is an acronym for Running His Elect Mana Abroad where she equips and empowers others to live in their God-given identity, authority, and purpose to ultimately walk out their destinies. This is done through inner healing, teaching, in-depth training, and worship. For the last 12 years, Robyn has served in the Kingdom in many different capacities ranging from Youth Pastor to Armor Bearer. She has spent 5 years of that time traveling, training, and preaching specifically as it relates to worship and arts in the body of Christ through the first ministry given to her Heart Of a D.I.V.A as she was birthed through worship. This ministry provided workshops, activations, training materials, conferences, and courses to sharpen and rear up worshipers in excellence. Robyn is a revelatory speaker with the ability to open up God's word in an unusual way. Her life mission is simply to enrich, empower, equip, and liberate all those who cross her path!  Her love for God & personal life experiences serves as fuel to show up and empower others daily. Robyn is a survivor of a traumatic childhood, cyclic abuse, adult entertainment & the sex industry......


Coming from a place that causes one to grow up rather quickly & think fast on their feet; Robyn didn’t have much of a childhood. For the New York native experiencing trauma and tragedy was quite the norm. She witnessed the molestation of her older sister and then become a victim of that same horror herself. Losing her dad to drugs left a void that couldn’t be filled. Robyn and her siblings were taken from their biological mother and put in the foster care system, eventually losing their mother forever. She said her last goodbyes as she waved her hand while staring at the casket. All this sadly took place by the tender age of six.


As life continued Robyn found herself in undesirable circumstances she couldn’t understand. These circumstances offered emotional, mental, physical, and sexual abuse. It seemed as though it was a way of life. Eventually, she found herself trafficked into the adult entertainment & sex industry. Robyn’s journey is one that demonstrates resilience, the power of choice, perseverance, self-discovery, acceptance, self-love, and the power of redemption. She strongly credits her new life to her faith in God and His sufficient grace.


She gives a detailed account of her life in her bestselling memoir entitled “Diaries of an Ex-Adult Entertainer: My Road to Redemption”. Robyn calls her past trials blessings & tragedies little discoveries of repositioning!  She continues to travel speaking, empowering others with her story & talks in the marketplace. Robyn is very passionate about equipping, Liberating, and empowering others to heal, come into their God-given identity, authority, & live their purpose to reach their destinies. It gives Robyn great joy to serve as a Prophetic Midwife to many. Despite all she has experienced, Robyn has learned how to seize the purpose and possibilities out of her experiences to grow, empower herself and others. Robyn, believes deeply that none of her experiences were in vain & believes she is called to do this work so others can experience the other side of life. 

R.H.E.M.A was conceived originally on the morning of October 20th, 2014 as Robyn received the divine download. God spoke clearly giving her the name, function, and the first instruction. Over the years R.H.E.M.A has been cultivating as Robyn submitted to God allowing the procedure of preparation to have its perfect way. Now, she has received the release to go forth in the Prophetic healing and deliverance ministry that God has bestowed upon her. Robyn's spiritual lineage can be traced back to one of the generals of the Faith; "Papa" Kenneth E. Hagin.  R.H.E.M.A 's covering  falls under Dr.Joshua J. Johnson & Apostle Tracey Johnson.

In the year of 2020, Robyn received this specific commission from God:

"Lead My people

Teach My people

Heal My people

Love My people

Warn My people

Deliver My people

Cover My people

Raise My people

Mourn My people

Release My people

Tell My People"

It is out of this commission that  R.H.E.M.A went forth. 

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